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Welcome to my review site for the books I enjoy to read, they’re sexy, steamy, lustful, romantic, vampire laden, sex god full, wonderful books.

You will also see at the bottom of this page my Amazon wish list, most of it is books, but the odd pair of shoes will sneak in on there too, enjoy. Lets be transparent here too, if you click on a link and purchase any item from Amazon I will get an affiliate rate from that sale. For books that’ll be pennies, but for anything else too. This will help me tremendously keep the site subscription free.


I have 3 kindles, the original keyboard one bought about 4 years ago, I got this not long after they first came out and i still have it. The next one I got was an e-ink display Kindle,
as with all of my Kindles my lovely Mike has bought these for me, I actually had 3 of these as I wore the buttons out on the sides that turn the pages, oops!!!, but I am a read-aholic I guess. I must say though Amazon changed these without any fuss.They’re fantastic and so light compared to the originals.

Now i’m on the Kindle Paperwhite 3G, 6″ High Resolution Display with Built-in Light, Free 3G + Wi-Fi
, pictured here, I’ve had this 3 months or so, a Valentines / Birthday present. This one is fairing much better as it is touch screen and I love the fact it is back-lit so I no longer have glaring lights blinding Mike whilst I am reading at 3am some nights….. sorry Mike.

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