Lover at Last – J R Ward

Ok so this was my 100th book I read this year.Lover at Last: Number 11 in series (Black Dagger Brotherhood)
it is immense.
If you havent read any of the black daggers yet, make sure you start at the beginning of this awesome set.I promise you wont be disappointed.
Lover at Last: Number 11 in series (Black Dagger Brotherhood)
This to me is my absolute favorite vampire romance fiction book series. So much so that I have read the series 3 times over. If,  like me, you love grown up Vampire romance and at times I mean very grown up then this is for you. All of the stories are gripping from start to finish and will happily provide you with a new “book boyfriend” in every book, “Swoon” lol.

Lover at last is ‘Qhuinn’s’ book. He is the tough dis-avowed son of no one. The book touches on the other cast members of the Black Dagger Brotherhood keeping you updated in their stories but  follows Qhuinn’s story in particular. It is typical J R Ward, full of passion, friendship, sex and is totally gripping. At times i have found myself holding my breath whilst reading, never a bad thing…

The sex scenes in this book are MonM they are still passionate and sexy and I commend J R Ward for writing about a taboo of sexuality so well. The scenes are far from uncomfortable even if that’s not quite your thing.

All these books are set in Caldwell, New York. The turf war here is between the vampires and the lesser society lead by the Omega. The Black Dagger Botherhood are a band of brothers, dedicated Vampire Warriors that always fight till the death to defend their race and protect their mates (Shellan) with their very lifes.

Other books in the series can be found here in their reading order:


    1. Thanks Mike my first commentator on here too, it’s a great series but I hear the 12th book will be in 2014! I need more now lol!!!

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