Connected – Kim Karr


What if a ‘Once in a Lifetime’ could happen twice?

Dahlia London has suffered a past full of tragedy and has been left totally shattered. For Dahlia, Happy ever after is so very far, far away, and so far from reality in her world. But then she finds herself reconnected with someone from her past and the bond that forms is nothing Dahlia has known before.

River Wilde is lead singer of The Wilde Ones. River comes back into Dahlia’s life and so does the intensity and the underlying feelings of their first meeting. Those feeling never left River, could they be, soul mates?

This book is full of tragedy, painful hurt, guilt and so much love. The heat between River and Dahlia is so intense.

Kim Karr draws you in from the start and keeps you hooked till the very end where the story finishes and leaves you screaming AAARRGGHH!!!!
I so cannot wait for the next installment of River and Dahlia’s story, which I understand is penciled in for an October 2013 release and is called Torn.

“with a past that is never really gone,
can there future survive?”


    1. You’re most welcome Kim and thanks for making contact, let me know when Torn is on the way I will clear my schedule…
      Nicci x

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