Playing Patience – Tabatha Vargo

Life is hard for Zeke, he’s been a punching bag for his alcoholic father for as long as he can remember. Nothing can scare him, music, drugs, sex, and fighting are where he finds his release from his sh*tty life. That is until he finds Patience, He finds her on the floor of an underground clubs bathroom.

Patience suffers abuse of a different kind, and for the first time in her bland black and white survival she sees the color that is Zeke.

This book is a dark look at abuse in different forms. how it can rule, decide and change a persons path through life.
Tabatha Vargo shows brilliantly how two people can use their past experiences to heal each other, and, find love through that healing.

This book contains graphic language, sex, violence and drug use but it is all relevant. Overall I thought this book was a Great read it makes you feel and enjoy every emotion through excellent writing.

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