Rock the Heart Michelle A Valentine

For 4 years good girl Lane has regretted breaking up with Noel Falcon. Well it was the sensible thing to do in her mind, his dreams of been a rock star would get him no where, Yeah right!!!

Four years on and he’s not just a rock star, he’s a Rock God! With his own band ‘Black Falcon’. Lane’s career in market is so not what she imagined. She realizes now just a girl can be. Noel hires the very same marketing company as Lane is an intern and so she is forced to see Noel once more. But then her dream job as a fully fledged executive in the firm hinges on winning Noel over and keeping him happy in order to secure his valuable account.

Reality hits the moment Lane sees Noel again. She is so not over this tattooed sex god rocker!

A great story filled with emotional twists that make you want to cry. it’s certainly a will they, won’t they.
I so can’t wait to get my teeth into the next book Rock the Band which is a novella in the Black Falcon series. We continue the story of Lane and Noel. It’s a really good addition that shows how their relationship has developed. I also really enjoy the fact that this book is from Noel’s perspective, where as Rock the Heart is very much from Lanes.

The next book is Rock My Bed and follows a fellow band member called Riff.

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