Beauty From Pain Georgia Cates

First of all, I have to say I love the cover work for these books.

“They agreed 3 months – but their love knew no boundaries”

Jack Mclachlan is one of Australia’s most eligible bachelors and so he goes to extreme measures to avoid complicated relationships. He needs simple companionship, no strings, no attachments, he needs relationships that can be treated like a business deal, and perhaps worst of all with no real names!

Laurelyn is a musician visiting Australia for 3 months with her best friend. She is the girl Jack has chosen. She enters his strange companionship deal. But it is Jack who finds himself, when he enters this 3 month deal with his American girl who is content to play as usual, with his strategy completely turned on its head. Nothing goes to plan, and he finds himself breaking more and more of his own rules. Is Laurelyn his ultimate game changer?

I very much enjoyed Jack and Laurelyn’s journey and struggle to stick to there original agreement. I particularly loved the story of the emotion between Jack and Laurelyn and the cliffhanger at the end is awesome. I so couldn’t wait for Beauty from Surrender (Beauty Series #2)

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