Conviction (Club Destiny) Nicole Edwards

Samantha is a strong independent woman who knows who she is and what she wants. Until that is she is offered a new job in the much larger office based in Dallas.

Her new boss, Logan McCoy, is intense and sexy, and he is about to show her things she has only ever read about in books. What happens in books doesn’t happen in real life too, does it?

Logan has a great life and doesn’t want for anything until his new employee walks into his life. Samantha makes him want things he didn’t even know he was searching for. It makes him want to show his dark dominating side, he wants to control her. He wants to show Sam what they could be like together. But can Sam push past her sexual boundaries and accept that her deep dark desire are in fact not wrong at all. Can she accept that between consenting adults anything can happen, and feel good.

I loved this book, it is a great scene setting story for the Club Destiny series, you meet the cast member for the future books as well as introducing what club destiny is all about.I liked the fact that Sam is new to the whole scene and the conflict she goes through between what her body wants and feels, and what her mind thinks it knows as right and wrong. Logan shows her that if all parties are consenting and understanding then it’s okay to listen to your body. There are sex scenes a plenty with encounters involving 3 people (M/F/M) and then 4, plus a scene between to men too. It is graphic but so well written but definitely not for under 18s.

A very, very, very good read, I can’t wait to read the next book now.

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