Giving You Forever Ashley Wilcox


Giving You Forever






The moment Nolan Pratt walked in Alexa Arnolds life everything was changed, changed forever. Having dated for a year the ring was on her finger, the house was bought, and life was pretty good, no actually, life was Awesome.
Or so it seemed!!!

The inheritance from Nolan’s parents enabled Nolan to take on a new business venture, this took up all of Nolan’s free time. What was once a care free life with hardly any responsibilities has gone. Alexa starts to feel pressurised by school, wedding planning, and an apparent lack of involvement and help from Nolan. Then exhaustion kicks in, she is hurt, and their relationship is put to a test like never before.

Fortunately Nolan won’t compromise when it comes to Alexa’s happiness. There is is nothing Nolan won’t do to ensure Alexa is happy, loved and cared for.

When Nolan’s past resurfaces, it comes as a total shock to Alexa as she didn’t know it existed. It could all be too much. Nolan’s dedication to Alexa and her happiness could cost him their relationship. Can Nolan discover that his past does not equal his future. Or does his self doubt mean he doesn’t feel he deserves to be that happy?

This book has a romantic cutesy loved up start and is full of great sex scenes. But the story is more than that it develops into full on heart break with secrets and loss. Fortunately the love never leaves this couple and between them they find redemption, forgiveness and true happiness.

This is a wonderful love story and a is very well written. Another great installment in the Forever Series from Ashley Wilcox which I understand is due to be published in July 2013.

Well Done Ashley x

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