Bared To You (The Crossfire Series) Sylvia Day

You liked 50 Shades – You will LOVE this series. Some may say it’s better, I love them both.

Gideon Cross, even the name has an effect, Gideon Cross entered Eva’s life like a shining light in her darkness. Eva was drawn to him, like a moth to a flame. She craved Gideon like a drug, even with knowing he was a drug that could weaken her. Eva is damaged, flawed, broken and he opens the cracks so easily.

Gideon also has his own demons and they become mirrors that reflect each others intimate wounds and pleasures!

Bared to you is BRILLIANT it draws you in right from the beginning, you turn pages knowing its getting late but you can’t put it down. It is full of intensity, with highly charged emotional love scenes but at it’s core is a wonderfully compelling story. It has me so entrapped I read it faster. It’s romantic, dark and sensual and just leaves you wanting more of Gideon and Eva’s exploits.

Sylvia Day excels in this series.

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