Entwined With You (The Crossfire Series) Sylvia Day

Entwined with You is the 3rd Book in The Crossfire series written by Sylvia Day it was released on the 4th June 2013

A lot of people reviewing this book have complained that it is not what was expected and were disappointed.
Well I for one was not.
You cannot expect a particular ending to a book if you didn’t write it, Sylvia Day has changed what we all thought would be a trilogy to a now 5 part series, and I am very much looking forward to reading the next installments in Gideon and Eva’s story.

From the moment Eva met Gideon Cross she saw something she needed, couldn’t resist. She also saw a dark and dangerously damaged soul, a soul that was so much like her own. Eva was drawn to him, she needed Gideon like she needed to breathe and her heart to beat.

No one knew how much Gideon risked for Eva, Entwined secrets, to defy the odds they made their own rules and then surrendered completely to the power of their passion and their possession of each other.

I love Gideon and Eva and loved how this book picks straight up from where book 2 finished. The story remains sexy and emotionally charged. We learn more of Gideon’s past, Entwined reveals some of what makes Gideon who he is, but not everything. Indeed it leaves lots of questions unanswered ready for the next book perhaps?

I loved the tension of this book in a story that shows just how far Gideon will go to protect Eva. It really does demonstrate just how deeply he needs Eva like breath itself.

The book again shows how two very broken people can find love in each other, even when the path to that love is full of trials.

If you haven’t purchased Entwined with You yet then please click on the link below to get it from Amazon, I can tell you already you will definitely not be disappointed. Let’s just hope we don’t have to wait quite so long for book 4.

Nicci x

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