Reflected In You (The Crossfire Series) Sylvia Day

Gideon Cross, here I go again swoon, there is just something about the name, focus….
Gideon Cross on the outside is flawless, a beautiful specimen of a man. Inside he is tormented and damaged. He is a bright scorching flame that has burned Eva trough his darkest pleasures. Eva couldn’t stay away for Gideon was her addiction.

Eva and Gideon’s pasts are violent and they are as broken as each other. Their relationship shouldn’t work, it should be too hard, too painful except for when it is perfect. It’s the perfect parts the help them suffer the remainder. These moments are sometimes all there is to drive their hunger and at times desperate love. Their love is so exquisite its is more exquisite than insanity. This is passion with a sharp edge of obsession.

Confession, I am a romantic junkie and Sylvia Day gives you romance by the spade full. But, she also helps the reader share their pain by some brilliant writing. The pain and hurt is followed by love and happiness.

A very sexy addition to the Crossfire series. I highly recommend.

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