A Good Time (O’Leary’s) Shannyn Schroeder

Indy Adams values her freedom above all else, she works hard to support herself, working in real estate by day and waitressing by night. She is fighting for her first big sale in the Chicago real estate market. Indy doesn’t want to be tied down and doesn’t think twice about declining her philandering boyfriend’s marriage proposal. Besides, she’s just landed a new client, a wealthy guy, the exact kind of guy who understands her no strings attached approach.

He’s handsome, rich and charitable. Most women would jump at the chance to ever tackle Griffin Walker, let alone date him.

SO why is it Indy only want a few steamy nights with him? Despite Griffin’s romantic track record he longs for real love, the sort of love that comes complete with a home and a family, and, he discovers he wants it all with Indy….

A blessing in disguise may lead them both to a life they never expected and give Griffin a chance to show Indy that it’s okay to want more than a good time.

Indy is a passionate free spirit and Griffin is the sweet talking playboy. This story possess a good twist to the norm, as in this book it’s Griffin chasing Indy by trying to show her that she is all he wants, plus a family. As opposed to usual girl chases guy, this is a refreshing change.

A good piece of writing, I enjoyed this book very much x

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