King and Kingdom (Royals book 2)- Danielle Bourdon.

Chey Sinclair discovers that dating a real life Prince can be both heart warming—and heart wrenching. Sticking to her guns, she faces down the Queen and defies the Royal order to cease her relationship with Prince Sander. Piqued, the Queen strikes back, and Chey finds herself separated from Sander by no means of her own. Forced to return to Seattle, Chey waits, and hopes, to be reunited with her Prince. What happens next leaves her desolate and devastated. Just when she decides to move on, her wily Prince proves he has a few cunning plans of his own.

Will Sander Ahtissari pull off the impossible, or will the King and Queen of Latvala get their way in the end?

Being with a prince, total fairy tail, right? not so much for Chey!
The Ahtissari Royal family are a brutal nasty bunch, apart from Mattias that is.This story will have you mesmerised from page 1, it follows directly from book 1 which is a great plus as you jump right back into Chey and Sanders story. Danielle Bourdon is the queen of plot twist and turns, just fantastic.
I finished the first book at 8pm last night downloaded King and Kingdom straight away and stayed up until 2am to finish it, i just had to know what happened to Sander and Chey.
At the end of this book you get a warm snugly feeling for about 30 seconds, then your screaming in your head ‘whats going to happen now!’. Fast paced and thrilling story.
Heir in exile is next and im chomping at the bit to read the next stage in the story, im so totally ignoring my family for a few hours!

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