The King takes a bride (Royals book 4)- Danielle Bourdon.

Chey’s ability to handle diplomatic situations is put to the test by an unexpected visitor to the shores of Latvala. When the visitor makes a startling revelation, it throws the Ahtissari family into a tailspin. Chey learns that holding grudges and abandoning her nemesis in a time of crisis isn’t as easy as it seems, while a sequence of events regarding the King and his bloodline threaten to rip the country apart.

In an effort to ease the tension, Chey offers to sacrifice the one thing she’s wanted all along: her wedding to the King.

Throughout this book there is a wonderful story line, all four books have been exciting and sooo unpredictable. The characters have you captivated, they are realistic, witty and a joy to read.
Chey’s struggle with trying to fit into the royal mold everyone expects her to fit, she has language, etiquette and history lessons. Sander loves her fiercely, and will move heaven and earth for Chey. Your rooting for there relationship the whole way, loved the little conflicts that come up in the story.
All four books are fantastic and make you feel a full range of emotions throughout.
Will the be any more from Sander and Chey?, will we meet the baby? will Mattias get his own book? i do hope so!

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