Rock my world (2.5 Black falcon series) Michelle A Valentine

After Aubrey Jenson is wrongly dismissed from her job at Center Stage Marketing, she seeks legal advice from her father, The Judge, to see what grounds she has to get her position reinstated. Her surprise visit to her family doesn’t go as smoothly as she hopes when she brings home her new boyfriend, Zach, Black Falcon’s lead guitarist. She soon discovers that father doesn’t always know best when it comes to matters of the heart.

When Zach meets Aubrey’s family, he’s immediately faced with his deepest fear: The love he so desperately wants, he doesn’t deserve. The Judge makes no attempt to hide his disdain for Zach, and will stop at nothing to keep him away from his daughter. But an unexpected twist turns everyone’s plans upside down and no one’s world will ever be the same.

Outside forces attempting to pull them apart are strong and it’s going to take every bit of Zach and Aubrey’s love for one another to withstand the fall-out. Soon, they discover making love last is harder than finding it to begin with and sometimes you pay the ultimate price for true love.

Rock my world give us a little snipit more into Aubrey and Zach’s story, this novella shows us more of Zachs vulnerable side, and how two people from such different worlds can be so good for each other. Zach has such a good heart and it really shows in this book, even a big bad judge cant make him leave Aubrey, lol. Aubrey’s brother seems like a cool guy, wonder fi he will get a book?. For a short book, Rock my world is packed full of emotion and had me crying in parts, with some twist and turns for Zach and Aubrey, and the little surprise for them both at the hospital.
I love the black falcon series and these novellas in between full novels are wonderful, as you get more of a peek into the couple, i liked the extra chapter from Noel at the end too, and i am very much looking forward to Trip’s book next!

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