Bodyguards of Pleasure- Melody Snow Monroe

Overweight computer nerd Brooke Armstrong lives her dream of store ownership. When she witnesses a drug deal gone bad, the killer is intent on seeing her dead. Scared for her life and that of her family’s, she reluctantly accepts protection from two hot bodyguards, Gavin Kirkwood and Riley Landon. Gavin can’t believe how much Brooke entices him. He’s drawn to her lush curves and intelligent mind. He knows she will make the perfect submissive for him and Riley. Never in her wildest dreams did Brooke think the muscular former military man would find her attractive, but when he ties her up and demands her obedience, she’s in heaven. Too bad the killer won’t let them revel in their passion. After a kidnapping gone wrong that ends in a do or die battle, the killer is brought to justice. How can the men convince Brooke they want her in a permanent menage relationship? ** A Siren Erotic Romance

Melody does it again, two guys dripping in sexy hotness and a woman who is very realistic curvy and wears glasses, shes your average woman of today. (A very lucky woman!)
Brooke is the geeky computer shop owner who has always dreamed of a man who can dominate and satisfy her in the bedroom, so far she hasnt found either, until she stumbles upon a sight no-one should witness and finds herself running for her life.

Gavin and Riley have admired Brooke for her intelligence and curvy beauty, and now they are in a position to help protect Brooke and also show her what loving them both could be like.
Gavin and Riley are total hotties, but they are very sweet with Brooke who has a image of herself in her head of the over weight geek with glasses that they are dead set on changing to the beautiful smart curvy woman they see.
Together they show Brooke how beautiful she is.

The story has some great drama and suspence which is very believable. We also are introduced to other characters that could also be future menage books, so theres lots more to look forward to from Melody Snow Monroe im sure.
Over all a really enjoyable book with some great sex scenes.

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