Seduction (Club Destiny)- Nicole Edwards

Ashleigh Thomas might have made the biggest mistake of her life. Uprooting life as she knew it, moving back to Dallas to be closer to her family, she finds herself much closer to the one man who she had never been able to say no to. Attempting to hide the fact that she moonlights as an erotic romance author, she quickly finds herself in his arms and his bed – hoping he’ll fulfill some of those deep, dark desires she has always written about, but never experienced for herself.

Alex McDermott has spent the better part of a decade trying to convince himself to stay away from the alluring Ashleigh, but when she moves back home, he finds out that he’s no longer willing to resist the overwhelming desire she instills in him. But he’s got a secret too – one that might just push Ashleigh out of his life for good – something he’s not willing to let happen.

It doesn’t take long for the heat between them to ignite into a wildfire of lust, but can they stop hiding from each other and more importantly stop holding back?

Another fantastic book from the Club Destiny series!!!
Damn its hot, Alex and Ashleigh have 10 years of pent up attraction between them that just ignites into so much hotness, this book is a steamy read.
Truth or Dare has never been so SEXY!
I loved that this book was a little different from the others as its not a menage situation ( Alex doesnt share!) the relationship between Alex and Ashleigh isnt lacking as a result.
The story is one of love that conquers time and brings two soul mates together, with lots of sexy lovin’ in-between, you will be totally hooked on these fast paced books, a must read.

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