Knight and Stay- Kitty French

Sophie Black has turned her back on both her cheating husband and her sexy, enigmatic boss Lucien Knight.

When she hits rock bottom, she finds herself drawn back into Lucien’s glamorous no strings, high stakes world of intensely erotic encounters. Bold and beautiful, Lucien is a walking, talking Viking sex god ~ the ultimate rebound guy.

His is a seductive world of pleasure without limits or commitment, but can Sophie’s already bruised heart survive his strict no ties rule?

When her husband returns with his tail between his legs, Sophie is faced with the toughest decision of her life.

How does she choose between the man she vowed to love forever and the man whom she hadn’t planned on loving at all?

This book kicks off from were the last book left off, you jump straight back into Sophie and Lucien’s story, and what a story it is.

This book is amazballs!
Its just as steamy and erotically sensual, damn right sexy as the last book, but its just so much more.

We follow Sophie and Lucien’ ups and downs we watch them flourish together then we watch them crumble, the tears will be flowing believe me, there’s angst, pain, guilt, heart pounding moments of pure love or not love in Lucien’s case.

Knight and Play was focused on Sophie’s life and inner turmoil, Knight and Stay focuses on Lucien’s.

The letter from Lucien’s dad had me in bits. Lucien’s struggle not to fall in love was heart breaking, im still in love with this stunningly broken viking, we get to see the other side of Lucien in this book the vulnerable side, and we get to see Sophie help put him back together.

The romance is stunning, still a fantastic story and wonderful characters follow on from book one.
You get a great ending in this book no cliff hanger, just pure happiness.

You will not be disappointed i highly recommend this Erotic romance series from Kitty French, and look forward to reading more from her, Knight and Day (coming to shelves late 2013) is already on my reading list, this new book follows Sophie’s friend Kara, and gives us a new hero Dylan Day, but we still get some Sophie and Lucien thrown in too.

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