Storm Front (Reunited hearts) – Rachel Curtis

Allison gave him her virginity seven years ago, but she hasn’t thought about Michael for years–until they end up stranded together during a tropical storm. She’s just as attracted to his sexy intensity and humor as she used to be, but she’s not a silly girl anymore. Sure, she might enjoy a one-night-stand, but she’s never going to fall for him. Not again.

Always forced into the public eye because of his business dealings and high-profile relationships, Michael doesn’t trust journalists, and he doesn’t trust women. Allison is both, which means he can never surrender to his tumultuous feelings for her, even though they only rage stronger when the storm finally ends.

This book is a good easy read, the characters are well rounded and have a great chemistry together.

Allison is a strong independent woman who gave her virginity to Michael when she was seventeen.
I liked how this was a good experience for her, Allison had a great first time with a guy she thought she loved there are no bitter feelings towards Michael over this experience, like in so many other books.

Michael has been burned by a woman who only wanted him for the status and money, so this makes him very distrustful of women, and journalist in general who intrude into his privacy and the break up of his engagement. Guess what? Allison is both a woman and a journalist! oooo let the sparks fly!.

The dynamic between Michael and Allison is wonderful and make for great story telling, they have some very hot sex scenes and make out sessions.

Storm front is a enjoyable read that will take you away for the afternoon.

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