Dangerous- Jacquelyn Frank (JAX)

A body that won’t quit
Clothes that are barely there
Eyes that openly invite him to take what he wants

Devon Candler is nothing like the helpless, vulnerable woman Liam expected when he agreed to provide security for her secluded Catskill Mountain estate. Yet her life is at risk. Her enemies monsters. Her secrets devastating.

Liam Nash is a trained killer who takes no prisoners, fears no man. But to him this woman is seductively, devastatingly. . .


This book has me a bit at a cross roads.

Dangerous is a futuristic paranormal romance, all the kind of things i like. I did have a difficult time getting into this book, i would read for a couple of hours then put it down only to pick it back up again ten minutes later to start reading again.
It just seemed like a hard slog to get into the story, the plot was a good one, although very technical in detail which makes it had to digest at times.

Testing on humans creates a new race of Morphates, humanity fighting to survive and keep a balance as the weaker race. Enter Devon a doctor who was a human test subject, now a Morphate who is now developing weapons to help kill the Morphates trying to rule over all the humans and the Morphates alike, still following? try and keep up.

Liam a special forces solder who runs a protection company, who found a way to kill morphates during a attack, is hired to protect Devon, that’s when the sparks start to fly.
Liam knows he shouldnt be feeling the great sexual pull towards his primary, the woman he is to protect but that doesnt stop either Liam or Devon from getting together. The sexual tension between these two characters in the first half of the book was immense, and then when they do finally get it on the sex scenes are explosive, sexy and totally hot.
What this book seemed to be lacking slightly was the danger!?! it was in the back ground that it was Liam along with the team that work for him, that it was there job to protect Devon, but mostly it was about the relationship between Liam and Devon that was at the for front of the story.

The end seemed all a bit rushed to me I got to 98% in the book the story was still flowing with no conclusion in sight, then you turn the page all is resolved!. Then comes the epilogue where Liam confesses his undying love to a woman that will never age and will never die, unlike himself, they chat about having children, the end all in the last 2% of the book.

I expected so much more from this book, it seemed to brush over some of the details, then go into to much detail at times that i found confusing . The main bones of the book were good, i just wish it was better.

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