Henry (Beck Brothers)- Andria Large

Henry Beck, the gorgeous CEO of an advertising company, was in need of a new personal assistant. He expected HR to hire someone older, more experienced, maybe even with gray hair. Who he got instead was the beautiful, young, single mother – Claire Russell. A woman who he is having a hard time keeping his eyes off of…

Claire never expected her new boss to be the most gorgeous man she’s ever laid eyes on. She also never expected him to be sweet to her two year old son, Ethan. But Henry is her boss and there is no future with him. Or so Claire thinks…

Will Henry and Claire be able to fight the obvious attraction between them? Will Henry’s overbearing mother come between them? Or will a freak accident change their perspectives on life and what’s most important…

This book will have you hooked from the first page, it has interesting characters and a well thought out plot.

The dynamic between the brothers is wonderful, you get a little piece of each brother in this book giving you just a little tease of more to come in future books.

This book is everything you want in a easy read romance novel, its got great leading man and woman, its sweet, angsty and emotionally charged at times, with light hearted humor and lots of romance. It catches you draws you into the story and keeps you there right to the end.

The characters are well developed not just the main characters, but the secondary ones too, the relationship between Ethan and Henry was just adorable. Mama Beck would give anyone a run for there money where her boys are concerned!

I will be looking out for more stories about these lush hottie brothers no doubt about it!
Cannot wait to get my hands on Sebastian!

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