Me, Cinderella- Aubrey Rose

One kind deed can change your life forever…

Brynn Tomlin could never afford to follow her heart. But when she sees a stranger shivering in the snow outside of the college library, an inexplicable urge leads her to buy him a hot cup of coffee. It’s just a small act of kindness, a few words of conversation. Brynn should be focusing on her finals, after all, not on the man who looked up at her gratefully with piercing blue eyes.

He could have been anyone – a janitor on break, a graduate student, a bum. But the man standing outside in the cold turns out to be Dr. Eliot Herceg, one of the most brilliant minds in mathematics and heir to a fortune. After years of reclusive isolation, he now finds his heart awakening to the kind girl whose name he does not know.

Brynn has spent her life trying to forget her desires, and Eliot’s deep wounds have taken nearly a decade to heal. After so much hurt, will either of them be able to open their hearts again?

This book has such a beautiful cover.

I wasnt sure i was going to like this book at the start, i was a bit bambozled by all the math talk, but as you get further into the story we get more relationship and romance than math.

Me, Cinderella is a slow burn romance that has a nice steady flow to it, its not intense and all consuming romance.
Brynn and Eliot have been brought up in very different ways and have had very different lives, Eliot has a loving brother and sister in law a beautiful family home, he is practically a prince in Hungary.
Brynn has lost her mother been abandoned by her farther, and has been brought up by her grandmother with very little money.

Brynns small act of kindness brings Eliot and her together on a day that is very hard for Eliot, just when he is feeling his worst this beautiful girl shows him some kindness, there is a instant attraction for them both, and the story blossoms from there.

Eliot is older than Brynn and tells himself that he should stay away from Brynn, but they are both drawn to each other, who knew math could make a relationship!

This book has a nice ending and has a excerpt for the next book of Brynn and Eliot, i think it would be nice to see where the story goes next, as i feel i wanted a little more from this book, but i guess that’s what the author wants, to leave you wanting more!

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