Moan for him- Terry Towers

She’s always wanted him

There has only ever been one man who has filled Nikki’s fantasies. Hometown hero, Special Agent Grant Rivers. When Grant takes her out for a night on the town, for her nineteenth birthday, Nikki decides it’s time to take matters into her own hands and make her fantasies a reality.

He can’t deny her

After being away for a number of years Grant is shocked to see the girl he’s once known has turned into a sexy and seductive young woman. And she has her mind set on him! While his will is strong, there is something about the dark-haired beauty that he finds impossible to resist…

This is a collection of novellas in a box set to tell the story.
Im not sure about this story i think im still on the fence about it.
I did like Grant hes a likable guy, sexy strong, but its the whole uncle thing that has me on the fence, even though hes not a blood relative he was adopted into the family it just seemed strange for me to get my head around.

Nikki is Grants niece (not by blood of course) she is strong and knows her mind, and has wanted Grant for a while.
The chemistry was sexy hot and the sex scenes very passionately detailed and descriptive and plentiful, you do become emotionally involved with the characters, it is a lot to take in all at once and you have to take a breather and step away from the story, even though each part is a novella.

The story was fast paced and interesting in parts with people coming back from Grant’s past and wanting revenge. The plot is good and the characters are well developed.

I did find it a little repetitive at times, its was a ok read but it didnt pull me in like some books do.

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