Impact (Buckin’ Bull Riders, Book 1) -Cassandra Carr

Book one in the Buckin’ Bull Riders series.
Professional bull rider Conner Raub hides a secret from the world. He’s a Dom. When he meets a submissive on tour who pulls at his Dom tendencies, he fights to deny his true self, believing his colleagues will condemn his lifestyle.
Jessica Talbot is new to the BDSM scene and the bull riding tour, but after seeing Conner come to the aid of a submissive being mistreated in a club, she sets out to have him for her own. After their first night together she asks him to train her to submit and he refuses, afraid to mix business with pleasure. But Jessica isn’t deterred. She’ll do whatever it takes to make him realize he can have it all–a career, true love and the BDSM lifestyle he craves.

You’ve got to love a sweet talking cowboy, and that’s just what Conner is. HE is a bull riding cowboy Dom what more could a girl ask for.
Right from the start of this book we get to see how much of a good guy Conner is, he’s in a BDSM club and he sees another Dom mistreating his Sub and he steps in to help her, a scuffle between Conner and the other Dom results in Conner’s mask being pulled off showing his face briefly. This showed us Conner’s true character, just makes you fall for him right away.

Jessica is interested in BDSM so she visits the same club Conner frequents to observe, she sees the scuffle and sees Conner’s face, shocked that she knows him from the bull riding circuit she work with as a liaison, and so there story begins.

Conner hides the fact that he is a Dom as the big wigs behind bull riding are very conservative and it wouldnt be good for his career. So when he meets the lovely Jessica he tries to resist her but his Dom tendencies and her natural submissive ways over power them both and the heat is turned up a few notches.

The sex scenes in this book are mind blowingley fantastic, steamy hot, very sexy, well described, well written, there are more blow jobs in this than any other i have ever read! lucky Conner i say, his girl just loves to give them.
Conner is so good to his Jessie girl he treats her well and with respect, thinks about her needs as well as his own. Some books with a BDSM aspect make me feel icky as the woman can be treated as less than a person, not so in this book i loved the relationship between Conner and his Jessie girl.
I loved the friendship that Conner has with Brady, i think the phone call they have when Conner asks if he is in love with Jessie is so cute.
All around great easy read story, with a great plot and a HEA, with cowboys! awesome read.

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