Rose of Thorne (Rose of Thorne book 1)- Mia Michelle

When a drunk driver tragically orphans Skylar Rose at the age of sixteen, she leaves her dreams behind and takes on the daunting task of helping her elderly grandmother raise her young sister. While other girls her age were living a typical carefree life, she was picking up double shifts at a local café and struggling to pay the bills.
Always putting her sister’s needs and school first, Skylar has never had time to date or develop relationships. Now a senior in college, she has her sights set on an amazing internship opportunity. The last thing she needed was for a sexy distraction like Sebastian Thorne to walk into her life.
Sebastian Thorne had been an entitled and reckless nineteen year old when he got behind the wheel of his new sports car that night. When his night of indulgence goes tragically wrong, Sebastian hesitantly turns to the one person, he knows can make everything go away…the one person he hates ..his father.
Now twenty-six, Sebastian is the young enigmatic and powerful CEO of his late father’s design company, Thorne Enterprises. With both millions in the bank and a new woman on his arm almost every night, the world never knew the dark secret he carried inside. Still plagued with nightmares from the night of that horrific accident and having to leave the beautiful girl behind, Sebastian vows to find the one that haunts his dreams. Sometimes the choice of revisiting our past opens the door to a future that we never thought possible.
Haunted by their past, these two want nothing more than to have their life given back to them. But what do you do when the person who gave you back your life, was the very one that took it from you in the first place?

Brilliant just brilliant!!!!
This book deserves so many more than 5*’s and i feel very lucky to have been given a ARC copy for review, it was a true joy to read and i devoured it in one sitting.

From the very start you are drawn in to the tragic story of how a stupid mistake changes Sebastian’s and Skyler’s whole life course.

Sebastian is a true swoon worthy male lead and although he has caused a tragedy in the lives of others you can not help but like him as a character, he made a crappy decision as a teenager but you feel his remorse and the pain of keeping that secret from a woman who he really loves.
Even though that secret can destroy everything that he holds in his heart.

Skyler is a great character shes been a guardian to her sister and worked every hour god sends to get through collage and keep a job so when she meets Sebastian she feels like its her time to have a little happiness, and falls hard and fast for him. Skyler finds a reason to smile again and its a joy to read.

Lucas seems like a good guy but all the time i was reading about him i had it in the back of my mind not him Sebastian! will he be the one to swoop in and be the night in shinning armor to rescue Skyler?. I want it to be Sebastian so badly.
The circumstances that have brought Skyler and Sebastian are so very wrong and bad but you just cant help but want them together.

The sexy scenes between Sebastian and Skyler are steamy and hot and have true meaning.

Mia Michelle’s style of writing is amazing you feel every ounze of the pain, angst, hurt, love, lust, it is a true romance. This story has a great feel to it Mia has given the story of a down trodden girl with a tragic past a fresh look. The story such a easy read you are gripped, the ending rips up your insides with its cliffhanger, and has you begging for the next book Thorneless, which is coming soon but not soon enough for me! I want more from Sebastian and Skyler. This is one of those stories that stay with you long after you have finished reading, truly beautiful.

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  1. This book has a bit of everything a readers desires; gripping plot, angst, romance, attractive characters that you are rooting for. This story sucks you in til the very end. Fabulous job Mia Michelle. I am addicted to this series. I crave more!

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