Sweetly bad (Curve appeal)- Anya Breton

Drew couldn’t imagine anything worse than being stranded in a two-cellular-bar town with a broken-down Ferrari…until his mother—his own mother!—marked him as a rogue Air witch and canceled all his credit cards. Now he’s kill-on-sight in the Underground, and the only person willing to help him is the curvy human mechanic who towed his car. A strangely delectable curvy human mechanic.

The last thing Erica needs is a yuppie playboy freeloading in her garage. Still, she can’t bring herself to turn Drew out into the sultry heat, even if he is a bit of an ass. A gorgeous, incorrigible, everything-your-mother-warned-you-against ass. Soon the heat isn’t the only thing sultry in the garage and self-control is the last thing on her mind. They agree to a one-night stand, but Drew’s magical secrets are dangerous—and catching up to him fast.

This book is a paranormal romance, involving witches. This is the second book but they are labeled as a stand alone read, which i guess it is but there is not much of a explanation into the witches and there back ground, you kind of guess that Amanda is some sort of leader witch, and Drews brother was the leader but has now left but thats about it really on the witch paranormal front. I dont think the story gained anything from the characters being witches.

The heroine Erica, is a tough no nonsense, independent, curvy plus size car mechanic. Her main issue was that she was over weight, cant a girl be curvy and not fat? im not sure i like this much as a story line why does it have to be such a issue, her sister was such a selfish bitch and just called her fat all the time and even talked about setting Erica up with a chubby chaser, yuk.

Drew is a spoiled brat for a grown up, that lives off his mummy’s money has never worked a day in his life, and drives a Ferrari, oh and he has a small dick, which is constantly called his organ in the book which drove me mad, and he kisses like a slobbering dog. The author is not setting us up to swoon for the male lead in this book, and i kind of really like to fall for the supposed hero call me fickle but arnt they supposed to be hot, hung and dreamy? Drew wont be making my book boy friend list.

Drew was described as a playboy over and over but all the witch women that he called on the phone when he was trying to hook up told him he was crap in bed, plus Erica had to teach him how to kiss for heavens sake, still not selling me on the hero of this book.

I kind of liked where the story could have gone,but then there were things that just got forgotten about, i mean what happened to Erica’s Ex that was sabotaging her garage he just got faded into the back ground after breaking into the garage and tampering with equipment that could have killed Erica.

There were a few sex scenes in the book that were written well, but they didnt get you hot under the collar, not with Drew’s small organ!
I dint feel any connection to either character and there didnt seem to be any emotion it was just so one dimensional.
This book was a ok romantic read but not one i will be reading again.

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