Deceitfully Yours-Bethany Bazile

Jude Baxter knows instantly that he wants Kylie in his bed. What he didn’t realize is that she’s everything he’s been looking for. When lust turns into love, Jude puts everything on the line to make Kylie his.

Kylie Weber manipulates situations to get what she needs from men, but Jude knocks her off her game. Jude is unexpected and exciting. Kylie soon finds herself erotically entangled in Jude chains and rope, but worst of all she’s gotten her heart entangled in this very dynamic man.

Will the secret she keeps from him cost her everything she never knew she needed?

This book is a slow burn story it didnt seem to grab me at first, but as you get into the story you get a great mix of romance, a sprinkle of mystery, a good dose of angst, with some scorching hot sexy scenes that involve BDSM.

The whole story makes you so invested in Kylie and Jude’s lives, there are twists and turns that keep you on your toes, i loved the whole twist with Kylie’s brother.

Jude is a good guy, he is also a Dom and a good one at that he finds that Kylie gets under his skin like no other has and there relationship develops quickly into much more than Dom and Sub.

Kylie’s life has been pretty crap for the most part and she is in a difficult place, she was just supposed to be doing a job, but Jude is so much more than a job. Mason is a total douche who has ruled over Kylie and her friends lives for so long they feel like they cant get away.

The chemistry between Jude and Kylie burns so hot ,and the BDSM scenes are believable and good to read.
I wish the ending had a little more content i wanted a bit more from jude and Kylie it all seemed rushed to get to the HEA.

Over all i did like this book, its a good little read, the next book involving Jax and Stacia sound great i bet there is some explosive hotness between those two.

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