Mine to Keep (Mine#2)- Cynthia Eden

Love is the most dangerous obsession…

Skye Sullivan is trying to put the pieces of her life back together. She survived a brutal stalker and escaped his abduction, and now she is looking to the future–a future that includes Skye’s lover, billionaire Trace Weston. Skye thinks the danger is finally over for her.

She’s dead wrong.

When Trace’s past comes back to haunt him, Skye discovers that the man she loves isn’t quite who he seems to be. Trace has been leading a double-life. An ex-special forces agent, his military training turned him into the perfect killing machine. He made more than his share of enemies during his time in the military–and as he built his security empire–and one of those enemies is striking back.

He won’t lose her.

Skye is the one weapon that can be used against Trace–his only vulnerability. But he won’t let her go–he can’t. Trace will do anything necessary to protect Skye. Anything. Yet when she discovers the secrets that he’s tried to keep hidden, Skye’s pain and rage may send her running directly into the cross-hairs of a killer…

This is the second book in the Mine series and it does not disappoint, i would even say it is better than the first book.

Mine to keep has more focus on Trace and that can never be a bad thing in my book, he is still the sexy alpha. We get the POV in this book from Trace and Skye but also the person who is out to get Trace, and it kind of leaves you cold when reading from the baddie’s Pov hes creepy, gives you the chills.

The sex in this book is sexy intense between Skye and Trace, they use this to try and keep themselves together and a float throughout all the lies and hardship that this situation throw at them. The sexy steam rises off the page.

This book is just like the last in that it keeps you guessing all the way through, and has you gasping as new information is uncovered. I dont think there is a character you dont suspect at one point while reading this story, the plot is fantastic i love books that keep you guessing till the end, true brilliance in writing.

This book is very intense and you feel like youve been through the ringer when you have finished reading, but it is so very worth it!!

A wonderful follow up book its fast paced, thrilling romance suspense.

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