The Last Husband (Forever love #2)- J S Cooper

Lucky Morgan gave up her dating rules for Zane Beaumont and allowed him to sweep her off of her feet; even though he didn’t really believe in love. However, as their relationship progresses, Lucky realizes that Zane isn’t the man she thought he was.

Zane Beaumont has spent the last few months trying to ignore Lucky’s smile and trying to exact revenge on Braydon Eagle. Zane will stop at nothing to bring down the man he holds responsible for his brother’s death; even if it means risking his new relationship with Lucky.

When heartbreaking secrets from the past are revealed, the fragile trust and love they have built together is put in jeopardy. Lucky and Zane are left to decide if they can overcome the new painful revelations that are threatening to break both of their hearts so that they can focus on their future together.

I think this book is slightly better than the first, the story is a little more in depth and we get some questions answered from the first book.

The last Husband kicks straight off where the The last boyfriend left off, i just fell in love with Lucky and Zane so much more in this book.

I really loved the fact that the story was told from both Lucky and Zane’s POV this time around, The last boyfriend was all Lucky, but i do like books better that are told from both sides.

The plot has you gripped from the start.

Lucky and Zane over come so many obstacles together, but Zane did get my back up a couple of times when i thought he was being shadey. The way J S Cooper writes the story the events could be bad or good so you kind of dont know whether to think the good of him or the bad, its brilliant.

As the story unfolds you let out a huge sigh of relief that it was good! Zane was doing right by Lucky, and i can honestly say im with Zane about Leeza, i did not like her one bit she is down right nasty and so not a good friend.

Then the ending comes and there is a huge twist that is so amazing i just loved it a great HEA all around that opens the doors for more book from theses great characters, plus we will be getting more from Zane and Lucky, in Zane and Lucky’s first christmas due out in December!

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