Just one song (Just one song #1)- Stacey Lynn

Nicole Parsons had the perfect life, made complete with the suburban home and the proverbial white picket fence. When tragedy struck and she lost the most important people in her life, she turned away from everything she loved before; shutting out every reminder of the perfect life she lost.

It has been one year, three months, one week and six days since the accident, and Nicole is ready to stop counting the days she’s survived, and begin living again.

On a dare from her best friend, Nicole encounters Zack Walters – the popular alternative rock star and man who signifies so much of her past – and suddenly everything in Nicole’s safe and quiet life changes.

When she’s forced to face the pain she’s carried for so long, will she truly be able to heal from her past and begin to live again?

Or will her new adventure ruin her completely?

This book fills you with heart break then heals your heart with a true sweet romance.

Nicole has had it tough when the worst kind of tragedy hits her life, she basically shuts down for months at a time, until one night she cant even take anymore of her own sadness and decides that going out with her very best friend Mia and putting a smile on her face, all be it a fake smile, will make everything better.
Little does Nicole know that whole night will change her life for the good.

Nicole has never been able to turn down a bet and Mia knows its the only way to get Nicole to have some fun, Mia dares Nicole to flirt with a guy in the bar get him to buy her a drink and she will buy her designer shoes. Nicole set out to flirt with the guy but totally folds and tells the stranger all about the bet, unknowing that she is stood talking to a rock star!

Zack is a all round great guy, hot as all get out and so very interested in the woman who has no idea who he really is, so she doesnt want him for his money or star status.
Zack is a true friend to his band members and doesnt have the usual baggage or huge ego most book rock stars have, no great problem being hounded by groupies like the usual plot line for rock star books. He loves the music and his band is grateful of the living it provides and wants nothing more than to have a woman who sees him, just him.

The way that Zack handles the family situation with Nicole was beautifully written it had me in tears, he is truly supportive and feels Nicole’s loss. The grave side scene had me in bits, Nicole struggling with guilt and Zack listening to her tell Mark and Andrew about him, many tissues later so i could just keep reading.

The supporting characters relationships in this story are great, the band members and Mia help carry the plot and story well. The plot keeps you engaged, you cant put this book down it is just fantastic.

I loved how we see Nicole say goodbye to her old life and accept that she can have a new one with a wonderful man, but not totally forget her old life, it is ok for her to move forward and to live again but still keep her memories.

Truly a moving and beautiful story well written with a HEA, looking forward to reading the next book in the series Just one week.

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