Club Wonderland- Christine D’ Abo

Alice White isn’t used to being ignored. So when the object of her lust does just that, she’s bound and determined to get his attention. Her pursuit leads her to Wonderland, the kind of club she’s only read about, and suddenly Alice is craving something she never knew she needed.

Gael Hernandez wants to be the youngest partner at his prestigious law firm, and not even a certain tempting legal assistant can distract him from his goal of financially helping his family. Until she shows up at his favorite club and surprises him with an interest in being restrained. But the BDSM lifestyle is no game to him, and he won’t take things further until Alice is schooled into submission.

After a taste, Alice wants more. She offers to be Gael’s sub for one weekend, with nothing forbidden and no boundaries. In a few short days, he gives her the strength to be the person she’s always wanted to be. Now Alice just needs to convince Gael that he can dominate in the bedroom, and submit to love.

Club wonderland is a fantastic erotic journey of two people finding something neither was looking for.

Gael wasnt looking for a new Sub or for love but he found both in Alice. Alice wasnt looking for a new journey through sex but she wanted Gael, Gael showed her the fine line between pleasure and pain.

The BDSM detailing in this story are authentic giving readers a true look into that world, i hate when authors hint at BDSM then skirt around it. Christine really pulls you into the rabbit hole of Wonderland through her writing the details are beautiful, really interesting characters carry the story well.

The sex isnt there just for shock factor, it really hold up the story.
I think i would have liked a bit more insight to Gael, i wanted to know more about him, he is a Sexy strong intelligent man who loves his family, and lives a BDSM Dom lifestyle, but that’s about all we get about him.

For a short novella there is a lot of story packed into it, but its not rushed in any way the tale flows and is a easy read.
I did really enjoy this book and will be looking for other titles by this author.

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