Forever Innocent- Deanna Roy

“Our baby died on prom night, and nothing was ever the same again.”

Corabelle doesn’t feel like any of the other college girls. On what should have been one of the happiest nights of her life, she and her boyfriend Gavin watched a nurse disconnect the ventilator from their seven-day-old baby. During the funeral two days later, Gavin walked out and never returned.

Since then, her life has been a spiral of disasters. The only thing that has helped is her ability to black out whenever the pain gets too hard to bear, a habit that has become an addiction.

When Gavin shows up in her astronomy class four years later, he is hell-bent on getting her back, insisting she forgive him. Corabelle knows she can’t resist the touch that fills the empty ache that has haunted her since he left. But if he learns what she has done, if he follows the trail back through her past, her secrets will destroy their love completely. And once again, she’ll lose the only person who always believed she was innocent.

This book is one of the most gut wrenching heartbreaking books i have read in a very long time.

By the time i was 80% through, i had to stop to compose myself so i could continue to read through my tears.

Corabelle and Gavin take you through there lives, flash backs of them growing up together how close they were, as teenagers, there discovery that they could be more than best friends learning how to kiss together how to love each other. What they couldnt do was how to deal with tragic loss together.

That is until they find themselves in the same class at collage four years later.
Corabelle and Gavin find out that when something tragic tears a love apart and when two people find each other again, they can discover that the love they once shared and thought was lost, might still be as strong as it was all those years ago, maybe even stronger.

The flash backs of the time Gavin and Corabelle spent with Finn rip your heart out, and the butterflies jesus, there are so many moments in this book that just have you in bits.

Deanna Roy has written this book so very well, it has a real life feel to the words. I especially liked how we got both Gavin and Corabelle’s side to the pain and loss, it wasnt all about the girl who lost a child, they were both suffering in there own rights and had ways of dealing with the pain.

This book is full of powerful emotion with a wonderful love story woven in with some very painful moments in two peoples lives, a truly fantastic read. I am very much looking forward to reading more of Gavin and Corabelle’s story in the next book.

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