Nathan’s vow- Karen Rose Smith

When Nathan Bradley’s ex-wife disappears with his daughters, he does everything in his power to find them. His private investigator hits a wall and suggests Nathan convince psychic Gillian Moore to help him. At first, Gillian is reluctant. She’d come to L.A. from Indiana to get lost in the crowd…to escape her gift that sometimes seemed more like a burden. As a manicurist, she is learning to relax again and enjoy life. But when Nathan makes his plea and shows her a picture of his girls, she knows she must help him. However, the spark and sizzle between them becomes a fascinating impediment to her progress. Gillian, who was once burnt by a divorced dad, tries to keep her perspective. But Nathan is a force to be reckoned with. Will her gift lead her to love or heartache once again?

This book is a easy light read for a story that could very easily be quite dark and depressing.

I loved how Nathan would not give up on his children and would find them at all costs, even to go and seek out a psychic to find them.
The relationship that develops for Nathan and Gillian is beautiful and i found the psychic element to be very believable, not kooky at all the way Karen wrote the visions and pictures that Gillian could see in the story fit in very well.

I found all the characters to be well rounded and they have good personalities to make you want to read more about them in future book in the series.

I do have one little niggle about this story, i think Nathan was very quick to forgive his ex wife for taking his children away from him for 6 months, he didnt really seem to show any anger towards her for all the passion he had towards finding them it just seemed to fizzle when they found them and it was all happy families.

A nice little get away book to pass a few hours, great emotional love story with a HEA.

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