Rock the beat (Black Falcon#3 ) Michelle A Valentine

Twenty-year-old Holly Pearson never dreamed that while working at her father’s motocross track she’d run into the walking, talking definition of trouble in a sexy, tattooed package—Trip Douglas, the man sent to evaluate the track for a possible investment opportunity. Holly makes no attempt to hide the fact she despises Trip, but she learns to be civil toward him when he offers to help her land the man of her dreams.

Trip needs a break from the crazy rock-and-roll lifestyle he’s been living for the past few years. With his Black Falcon band mates settling down with marriage and babies, Trip peruses an investment opportunity in motocross, something he’s always been passionate about. Hiding his celebrity status, Trip infiltrates the new business posing as a dirt bike rider training for the X-Games. The only obstacle is the owner’s daughter, Holly. She’s a real ball bustin’ Ice Queen, and she’ll do whatever it takes to make the deal fall through. Trip soon discovers that winning over his new enemy is the key to gaining a partnership in Mountain Time Speed Track.

Knowing he’s the expert on getting laid, Trip ropes Holly into becoming his ally by helping her score a date with the man she’s crushing on. The problem is, the more time Trip and Holly spend together, the more they uncover the undeniable attraction between them. Soon they both realize that even the best laid plans go to hell when you find you’re falling in love with the enemy.

Another rockin 5* book from Michelle A Valentine!

I loved that this book was a little bit of a change up for the Black Falcon guys, there was no tour bus, no busy concert schedule, we got a full on story focused on Trip and what he does with his down time away from the band.

Rock the Beat wasnt the most smokin hot of the Black falcon books there wasnt a lot of angst filled moments, but what we do get is a very detailed and wonderful emotional story of how two people fall for each other.
Rock the Beat is all Trip and Holly focused and i loved every word of it.

Both Trip and Holly have had rough times in the past with ex’s that should have put them off relationships for life, but the more they work together and get to know each other it is there for all to see that they are each others missing puzzle piece.

This book stands out for me as it takes a different track than the others, we step away from the band a little and focus on one band member.

Michelle has such a way with the story telling and she develops the characters to the point that you feel like there your friends, that you know them. Michelle also touches on the subject of HIV and it is written about with sensitivity.
I loved the characters and the banter between them and the friendship Holly and Max shared. Trip and Holly have great chemistry.

Now i cannot wait to read about Tyke!

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