Hard to love you ( #3 The love series)- Megan Smith

What do you do when the one you’ve always wanted becomes too Hard to Love?

Hailey Taylor’s heart has always belonged to Mason Cahill, but one secret has changed everything.

Things on the baseball field come easy for Mason Cahill. Why can’t the rest of his life be simple? Mason’s finally admitted he wants the one girl he can be himself around, but one secret destroyed that.

Their love isn’t sweet and simple. It’s hot, loud, and messy. But now, when he’s finally all in, she’s folded. Sparks fly. Tempers flare. Hearts shatter. One thing is certain… everything has changed.

Who will be too Hard to Love?

I have just loved this series from the start, i thought Hunter was my favorite but i think Mason has just taken his place,lol.

Mason is the guy that you love to hate on one page then the next chapter comes along and he just proves you wrong and you love him all over again, this guy just gets under your skin, you really get where Hailey is coming from as you read on through this book.

This book like the other two pick right up where the last left off, i do love this continuation of the story.
mason is caught in a corner up against Lily the evil bitch queen! only it looks like there getting it on, and things start going to hell in a hand basket for Mason and Hailey!

I found myself screaming why? why? just tell them what was going on, no more secrets for gods sake!

Mason just broke my heart when he asked Hailey to dance at the wedding, jesus tears were rolling, just tell her Mason and put me out of my damn misery never mind Hailey.

The back story for how Mason and Hailey got together was nice to read how he was always there for her through her parents divorce proves he is a good guy.

Mason and Hailey are one of those couples that love hard but fight harder, but that makes them all the more perfect for each other, they are the others missing piece, soul mates, a once in a lifetime love and i just loved there story so much.

This book makes you want to scream, cry, laugh and then do it all over again.

These books have such a great sense of family and friendship and should be on every ones to read list.

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