Change of Heart : Perfect Indiana- Barbara Longley

Emotionally shattered, a soldier slowly repairs her life in the picturesque town of Perfect, Indiana…

Cory Marcel worked tirelessly over eight grueling years to develop a successful military career. After her commanding officer violently assaulted her, she lost everything—especially her trust in people. Despite the emotional damage threatening to sink her, Cory agrees to accept a new job at a furniture store in Perfect—a job that could offer the fragile brunette the chance to start over.

Ted Lovejoy cofounded Langford & Lovejoy Heritage Furniture, but lately he feels like an outsider in his own business. When he meets Cory, Ted realizes his company can do more than just build furniture—it can also help rebuild lives. He longs to help Cory recover from her pain, yet every time he gets too close to her heart, she pushes him away.

While Cory can’t resist her attraction to Ted, she fears the demons haunting her will drag down both of them. Could this kind, soft-spoken man help her finally bury the past…and unlock a future full of hope and happiness?

This is the third book in the Perfect Indiana series but this book can be read as a stand alone with no problems.

This book is a story of self discovery for Cory, she finds out that not all men are like the officer that brutally rape and beat her and that she can trust again. Cory also found out that you dont have to struggle all alone that it is ok to let other people, people that have been in a similar place to where you are now really can help.

Ted is such a lovely guy genuine and really loving, the way he treats Cory after her attack is so very heart warming.

This story is just a lovely feel good read, you get a meaningful plot with great characters that are very well developed and the story flows easily.

The bonus is that there is a HEA at the end.

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