Catch my fall (Catch series)- Ella Fox

Mia Reeves faith, trust and sense of security were all taken away in the blink of an eye. In need of a fresh start, she settles into a new town and begins to make a new life.

Tristan Chamberlain has always kept girls at arm’s length and he has no intention of changing. He’s caring, smart, handsome, but he’s also dealing with a lifetime of guilt that’s slowly but surely destroying him.

Sometimes what you run from is the one thing that will save you.

Separately, they’re both free-falling. Together, they’re about to find that love can create the strongest safety net of all

This i such a wonderfully beautiful read that will leave you wanting more.

This story follows a journey of horrific pasts, healing and finding yourself.

Tristan comes across as a bit of a player, but behind that facade is a guy that is truly broken inside, when he shows Mia the entry in the journal he writes, your heart breaks, tears are shed and you just want to hug him.
These feeling he has for Mia are so very strange and new he is scared and doesnt know what to do with them or how to fix himself.

Mia’s flash backs are horrific and gut wrenching, Ella writes these scenes with such sensitivity and realism.

Mia and Tristan build there relationship up slowly, they move slowly as theses feeling are so very new to both of them, and they deserve to have all the happiness in the world. Tristan and Mia hold each other together they are the others glue to fix each other. The way Tristan treats Mia on her first time was with beautiful sensitivity, he was so gentle and sexy.

The other supporting characters in this book are well written and really boost the story, i just loved Trace and Darby, everyone should have a friend like Darby.
I was rooting for Trace and Darby as much as i was for Tristan and Mia throughout this book they just seem right together, i would love some more of Darby and Trace.

Ella Fox writes in such a way your heart is pounding out of your chest and your breathing is crazy with the intensity of the story, then your laughing along with the characters then tears are rolling down your face, god you are a jumbled up mess, but loving every second of it!

Just when you think the characters are getting there HEA boom something else pops up and leaves you begging for more. Im not saying there isnt some happy but the ending just leaves you wondering whether it is going to last, its nail bitingly good.

Cannot wait for Catch and Release it cannot come soon enough for me!!

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