Run to you – Rachel Gibson

Ex-marine Beau Junger likes fast cars and loud music. His body is covered in tattoos and makes girls go weak at the knees. But Beau’s not interested in love this year: No women. No sex. No complications. His only worry is saving Stella Leon.

Stella doesn’t need saving. She’s always been independent, confident, strong. At least on the outside. And she definitely doesn’t need a man. After all, she’s never known one she could depend on.

But when Beau turns up and spirits her across the state to meet her estranged sister, everything changes. They’ve both got their demons to face, but as the southern heat brings tensions sizzling to the surface, something sparks between them.

Although this is book 4 it can be read as a stand alone.

I love Beau, he is such a strong stoic character, some times surly man but i couldn’t help but like him anyway. It was such fun to read how this giant of a Marine was felled by the love of a 5 foot nothing Dr Martin wearing woman named Stella.

This story is a short easy ride, that’s sassy steamy and fun to read, this book has some great humor thrown in the mix.

I loved the sexy scenes Stella is feisty in New Orleans and Beau has got mad mouth skills!

Stella is fun and quirky with a strange sense of humor, where she thinks that shes funny but not many others do, but i did like her, shes got balls at times in this book not many would break up a fight involving to giant twin brothers.

I could have done with a bit more from Stella and Beau while the were in the car on the road trip to Texas, alot of what went on was mainly in there own thoughts, but that’s just me i’m greedy, but i really did enjoy the conversation over the steak, very sexy speech there Beau.

I must say the book cover baffles me a bit, that is so not how i see Beau and Stella in my head, those guys look like they should be in a story about some collage somewhere, they are not a fit Marine and a beauty with dark skin and black hair.

All in all i enjoyed reading this book and would recommend it.

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