Knights Game (Knights trilogy #2)- C C Gibbs

When her tryst with handsome billionaire Dominic Knight gets out of hand, Kate Hart resolves to cut all contact for good. Having founded a consulting business of her own, and with a marriage proposal from a new boyfriend on the table, Kate feels she can finally put the past behind her.

But Dominic still has a hand in her fate, and while Kate is determined to avoid him, she can’t suppress a thrill of pleasure whenever they meet. As the two come together for one last night of passion, Kate may be putting more than just her body on the line.

This second book in this fantastic trilogy is as witty and so sexy combustible as the first, and i bloody love Dominic and Katherine so much.

The story continues to be hot and steamy full of twists and turns in the plot that grab you by the balls and dont let go even when you get to the last page you are begging on bent knee for more of Dominic and Katherine.

These characters have become my life in the last few days, i cannot get enough of the off the richter scale sexiness and multiple orgasms from Dominic and Kate. There is still so much intensity between this couple and it keeps you entranced, there verbal banter and chemistry is fantastic.

Both these characters are flawed in there own ways but together they are explosive, C C Gibbs have made me into a Knight junkie.
This trilogy is a must read for all.

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