Devotion (Club Destiny )- Nicole Edwards

Ever wonder what life is like after the happily ever after?

Attention: Devotion is the follow up story of Luke McCoy, Sierra Sellers and Cole Ackerley from Temptation. This will contain spoilers of the other books within the Club Destiny series.

For two very complex, very alpha men, life after love isn’t necessarily an easy thing to embrace. Although Sierra Sellers is, and will always be, the lifeline between Luke McCoy and Cole Ackerley, everyday life proves to be the true test of the bond the three of them have forged.

No one ever said that life was going to be rainbows and butterflies after the three of them admitted their love for one another. Between their own personal insecurities, a relationship that falls well outside what most people consider traditional, and a baby on the way, the three of them find out that there are still going to be a few ups and downs.

With insecurities comes doubt, and no matter what obstacles fall into their paths, the one thing the three of them aren’t willing to sacrifice is their devotion to one another.

I so loved this three some in there previous book Temptation, so naturally i was very excited to be getting more from them.

This continuation of Luke, Sierra and Cole’s story does not disappoint at all, it still very sexy with some well written steamy scenes that are hot enough to melt your kindle, but we get so much more from these three.

I loved the way Nicole gave us a twist on the norm, it is usually the woman that feels doubts and on unsteady ground in relationships in books but Nicole gave us a switch up. It is Cole and Luke that feel unsteady in this relationship, there not sure how each of them fit, they both know that they love one another and that they love Sierra but is that enough to sustain a relationship built for three people.

The way this story has been crafted we get an inside look at how a menage relationship works along with every day life with work, a new baby, where each person fits in the relationship.

I found this installment of the Club destiny very emotional and i loved getting inside of Luke and Cole’s head. There was a lot of the book focused on these two which just pulls you in deeper to the story, Luke and Cole are deeply in love with each other but as some men are they just dont know how to convey that to each other, other than in a sexual way which will only sustain a relationship for so long.

Cole and Luke find a way to open up to each other as neither sees the relationship as anything other than permanent and that it is worth working at.

You just cannot help but feel the connection between these three characters, they all three feel so deeply for each other and would do anything to make sure they work out. Sierra played a big part in helping Luke and Cole find a way to express what they were feeling about the relationship.
The club opening scene was so very beautiful, i was like you go girl Sierra did good.

This is one love story that has had me captivated right from the start and im so glad we got more from Luke, Cole and Sierra in Devotion.

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