Jase (Men of Steel #1)- M J Fields

Jase Steel is a twenty two year old hot tattooed and pierced bad boy who works at his family’s tattoo shop FOREVER STEEL with his three brothers, Cyrus, Zandor, Xavier and their Italian momma Joe Steel. A first look at Jase and you would see a young man who was hot as hell and would quench one’s desire to take a walk on the wild side.
Jase’s interest is immediately peeked by Carly, but knows his best friend wouldn’t approve. He can’t help himself. He is who he is. He switches their phones, making it so she would have to see him again…alone.
After several attempts to not fall for the bad boy just like she has read about in books, Carly can’t fight her attraction to him any longer. After learning of her innocence and weighing in the Abe factor fact he can’t stay away. Jase gets Carly to agree “fake date” him.
The situations that surround Carly at all times are hysterical, yet heart warming and Jase falls hard and fast for her. She meets his brothers and mother further embarrassing herself which makes him feel protective and admit that she is making his walls to start crumbling down.
Knowing that she is leaving in the matter of days he does his best to show her how she deserves to be treated and admits to her that he is falling for her. Carly forces Jase to agree to keep their ‘fake relationship’ between the two of them.
Carly returns to California still innocent, but with her heart and desire completely consumed by Jase Steel, who will be coming to visit her in a month’s time.
Jase was not always a player, but because of certain circumstances in his life he has given up hope of ever loving again. His secrets are deep. He knows that he needs to come clean and decides to do so when he visits Carly.

I cannot tell you how much i loved this book, a great continuation from the short novella Men of Steel that kicks this series off.

Jase is such a fantastic character he is tattooed pierced (god love all his piercings!) hes funny with attitude and just damn sexy hot.

Carly is quirky funny, she has this innocent quality but also has a bad girl hidden inside of her.

Jase and Carly’s story is one of falling fast and hard for each other, the struggles of a long distance relationship and just how hard life is at times when when circumstances change over night.

The story flows well and keeps you in its grip till the very end, so many different emotions flow through the pages and into you, you feel like you have just reached out and joined the journey the characters are on.

I love the interactions the brothers have with each other there family dynamic is one of they stay together and have each others back no matter what, and i cannot wait for more from this excellent series.
Sexy book covers help too!

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