Extreme Love (Love to the Extreme)- Abby Niles

Dante “Inferno” Jones is used to winning in the ring. But when the MMA fighter meets pretty Caitlyn Moore, he seems to be striking out left and right. The more Cait denies his advances, the more intrigued he becomes by the sharp-tongued beauty. She’s a challenge he can’t resist.

Comfortable with the average Joe, Cait doesn’t get it when the ultra-masculine Dante walks into her life and expresses an interest in her. Sure, she’s shed eighty pounds and her confidence is building, but there’s nothing spectacular about her. Certainly not enough to hang onto a ripped babe-magnet like Dante, whose violent profession, catty groupies, and cruel competitors are already making her life a living hell.

Dante’s light-hearted pursuit quickly becomes a battle to win her heart as they find themselves thrown together again and again—and it’s affecting his training. Cait won’t let him lose the biggest fight of his career because of her, but when her plan to keep him focused lands her in the dangerous clutches of Dante’s vicious opponent, there is more at stake than just the championship belt.

This is a real feel good read.

Every book needs a great heroine and hero and we definitely get both in this book.

Cait is very insecure about herself having been a bigger lady for most of her life that’s how she still sees herself even after dropping down to a size 12. she wears baggy clothes and is very unsure around other people, favoring sitting in the back ground. I think Cait’s insecurities force her to make some bad decisions throughout this book, she cannot get her head around why Dante would want to date a woman who still has weight to loose (in her mind) rather than the size zero women that throw themselves at him at his fights.

Dante is fantastic, hes fit to the extreme, muscular and toned but he is so much more than a pretty package, he has a patient personality hes caring, and very protective and he goes after what he wants. He dosent see Cait as a woman with weight to loose he sees a beautiful woman with curves to die for, he sees more than the outside of Cait and is attracted to her because shes not the usual woman he meets at his fights that are throwing themselves at him just because hes a well known fighter.

There are times in this book where i just wanted to shake Cait and tell her to just go with it, if there was a beautiful fit fighter chasing me there would be know way i would turn him away, if i was over weight or skinny, lol. But on the other hand you can see Cait’s POV she is uncomfortable with herself so why should Dante feel comfortable with her. The teasing she encounters contributes to this feeling she has but Dante doesnt give up he shows her how beautiful she is through his eyes.

This relationship fascinated me it was so different from the norm a fit fighter going after a curvy girl (im not going to say fat girl even if Cait thinks she still is) they seem so very different but as we learn more about the characters we see that they are really very similar, they are both extremely motivated and determined, both are fighters.
Amy and Paul are great secondary characters and i found myself liking the other fighters mentioned too, im looking forward to reading about Tommy and Julie next in Fighting love.

Abby Niles impressed me with the way she conveyed emotion in this book i got angry along with Dante at times, frustrated with Cait, then i was feeling the kick in the gut with Cait at the harsh remarks people made. Pride hit me when Dante stood up for Cait without any hesitation, anger and disgust came along every time Sentori opened his mouth, then happiness for Dante and Cait, the epilogue was such a great finish to a cracking story.

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