Destined to Fall – Tamsyn Bester

This is a great book, not a new plot but it has its own twist and spin on it making it a cracking read. I do like a book that is written from both POV of the main characters, i feel like you get more story when its from two different sides.

Both Cassey and Kyler wanted a “friends with benefits” type relationship, the chemistry sparks between the pair. As always the ‘friends with benefits’ gig didnt last for very long as they both develop feelings that are above and beyond what they expected.

The characters are well developed and are really likable.
Kyler is hot and i think we got a lot of is story at one point but that just made it for better reading, some books focus mainly on the heroine’s story and the hero gets pushed to the side.
Kyler’s family are wonderful i liked how they took Cassey in when she first started to work for there company. My heart went out to Kyler in the time of his family crisis the pain conveyed through the pages felt real it really touched me. Cassey really helped Kyler through that difficult time, this really solidified them as a couple.

Cassey is a awesome character the way she puts Jessa in her place at the office made me smile, point one for Cassey!

This story did end beautifully and it had a Happy Ever After that Cassey and Kyler deserved.
Beautifully written love story Tamsyn did a great job.

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