Hell without you- Ranae Rose

Time changes everything, except what’s meant to be.

Seven years is a long time – long enough to transform Clementine from a small-town teenager with a broken heart into a woman ready to take on the world, but not long enough to make her forget about the man she was never supposed to see again. A temporary return to tiny Willow Heights thrusts her back into Donovan’s life and home, unearthing heartbreak and obsession that have stood the test of time.

He left seven years ago too, for war and other things Clementine can only imagine. Coming back to the town where he grew up in the shadow of poverty and drug addiction makes no sense, and neither do Clementine’s feelings for him. He could never forgive her for leaving, could he? Even if she had no choice.

Now, she has the freedom to choose … and so does he. Every day in Willow Heights makes it clearer: all he ever really wanted was her, and nothing will change that. Not even a taste of the hell that drove them apart in the first place.

This book was sweet, simple and satisfying a great little read with some nice twists and a HEA.

Hell without you has a nice plot and i liked the fact that Donovan always held a candle for Clementine even to the point of moving back to the town where they grew up just in case she came home at any time.

The love that these two shared, high school sweet hearts lasted over so many years with all the testing situations thrown there way, it was just meant to be. A second chance romance.

I enjoyed it and I’d recommended it for anyone who wants a simple, sexy, romance to entertain them for an evening or two.

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