Permanent Lines- Ashley Wilcox

Merrick Drake.

Bartender, dirt bike racer, and far from settling down…until that one race, and that one girl that changed everything.

Amelia Driscoll.

Amelia took Merrick by surprise, bringing out emotions that he never knew existed. Amelia stole his heart…

Only to break it.

When fate puts Merrick and Amelia back together, it doesn’t come without a price- it comes with vengeance, determination, and putting his life on the line for the one he loves.

But, how much is Merrick willing to put on the line to have a future with no reason to hide? In the end, fate will decide…

Who’s permanent.

This book is a fantastic story of just how far you will go for the people you love.

I loved Merrick in Running from forever he is such a good guy, so i wanted him to get his HEA and at some points in this book i didnt think that was ever going to happen, Ashley kept me on the edge of my seat with this one its loaded with suspense.

The first part of this book are almost like a diary for Merrick, the chapters are headed for example two weeks and one day after Amelia, the pain and hurt that are poured into Merrick’s words in these parts really pull at your insides. Merrick fell hard for Amelia and then she is just gone, so Merrick continues counting days and trying to get himself back on track. Not very successfully i might add, Merrick even tries to hook up with another girl but she is just not Amelia.

Kayla and Miles pop back into this book so we can catch up with there characters, and i must say Miles really steps up to the plate for Merrick.

The plot in this book keeps you captivated right till the very end, and the characters are well rounded and you feel the connection between them all. Great action scene thrown in for good measure had me holding my breath at one point.

The ending couldnt have been better simply awesome HEA that makes you smile.

Ashley Wilcox rocks it yet again.

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