Forever, Jack (Everesea #2)- Natasha Boyd

Small-town girl Keri Ann Butler’s life changed the night she met Jack Eversea. But suddenly he was gone, and she had to pick up the pieces and start again.

Now Jack is back, with one thing on his mind. Winning back the girl who stole his heart. Whatever it takes. But is it too late?

This book is just breath taking, such a beautiful love story I did not want it to ever end.

I was kept captivated from start to finish. I loved how we got Jack’s POV in this book i wanted to know what Jack was feeling and what was going on in his mind in Eversea so to get his thoughts was awesome.
There was no problem that i have sometimes thinking what happened in the last book, with Forever, Jack Natasha really pulls you right back into their story from the beginning, and you are just immediately hooked and in love with all things Kerri-Ann and Jack Eversea.

This story really showed you the lengths Jack would go just to make sure Kerri-Ann was alright, the way he fought to keep there relationship private from the media was just heartwarming. Jack’s journal really pulled at my insides there could have been a whole book just from his thoughts in that journal.

I understood Kerri-Ann’s reasons for not getting back with Jack right away, and her wanting to make her own way in the art world and not using Jacks name to help her, but at times i wanted to shake her and tell her to give Jack a break. Jack was trying so very hard to make everything right for Kerri-Ann and she just kept pushing him away. I was willing them almost desperately to get back together because they are one hell of a good couple.

Audrey really got my back up in the first book and i continued to find her despicable in this book, Bitch with a capital B!

Mrs Weaton is just brilliant, shes the fiesty older lady with some great witty banter and awesome advice, i can just see the dress she lent to Kerri-Ann in my mind just beautiful.

It would have been nice for a more in depth epilogue to give it a clear ending, I’d love to have known more about their life, im left wanting to know more, like who’s wedding was it that people were coming to the island for? it wasnt there’s because Kerri-Ann told Jack she was thinking about it being there’s and Jack said he would propose but when she wouldnt be expecting it. Truly i just want more!
Will Joey and Jazz get a book? yes please!

Im a sucker for a great romance and this is one of those wonderful books that you just keep on thinking about long after you have finished, a beautiful romance.

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