Sebastian (The Beck Brothers #2)- Andria Large

After his wife cheated on him and then asked for a divorce, Sebastian Beck was devastated. The solution? Never let another woman get close enough to hurt him. His mind was made up. He would never fall in love again. And he most certainly would never get married again. Except, he never expected the one night that he was forced to protect his nephews with deadly force to bring him back in contact with the one woman he thought he’d never see again.

When Detective Raelynn Reynolds bent some hot guy’s finger back in a bar a little over a year ago, she never thought she’d see him again. Honestly…she never expected to see him ever again. She definitely never expected to see him at the scene of a break-in that had a dead body just inside the back door.

As Sebastian and Raelynn’s lives become more intertwined with each passing day, can Sebastian get over his fear of love to keep the one woman who makes him insanely happy? Will Sebastian be able to get over his fear before it’s too late? Before he could possibly lose Raelynn forever? Could fate really be that cruel?

This is another great book about the sexy Beck brothers.

This book contains some wonderfully humorous moments and the dynamics between all the characters especially the Beck brothers is just off the charts great.

I love the whole story and the plot was gripping, i had my breath held at times, laughing and crying were in the in the mix of emotions and feelings i had while reading this book, Sebastian took me on a massive roller coaster ride of awesomeness i couldnt put it down.

The struggles that Sebastian goes through to put himself back together after his wife cheated on him really tugged at you heart, here is this big muscled man that worshiped the ground she walked on finding himself broken and at a loss of how to put himself back together. Thinking the only way is to keep himself at a distance from relationships and to never fall in love again.
Just when you think that Sebastian cannot take anymore pain and hurt he is thrown another curve ball, the tears were flowing people.

Raelynn is a good strong character she thinks she just wants a no string sex relationship with Sebastian, but lets be honest who wouldnt fall for one of the sexy Beck’s?
I Loved both Raelynn’s and Sebastian’s reaction to there little surprise, both were unsure, neither thought they were in a relationship then there surprise showed up and they were like hell yeah!

I love series that keep previous characters involved with the story too, so we still get Henry and Claire in the mix so we can see how there story continues. I really liked the way Andria weaved Quinn into Sebastian’s story setting us up for the next book it is very cleverly done. I’m so ready for Quinn’s story.

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