Cherished (Wanted #4)- Kelly Elliott

Jessie Rhodes has been in love with Scott Reynolds for most of her life. But he ran away from her once, leaving her heartbroken.

When they find their way back to one another, things seem to fall into place, and they begin to plan their future together…

Until Scott’s ex-fiancée deceives them all. With yet another broken heart, it is Jessie’s turn to run away. During her retreat, she meets an intriguing man, and they form a bond that makes Jessie question everything.

Scott’s world collapses when the only girl he has ever loved disappears with no word on her whereabouts. When he finally discovers where Jessie has been hiding, he also learns of her new relationship.

Will deceit tear them apart? Or can Jessie and Scott survive their mistakes and choose to love and to cherish?

This is a great way to finish this chapter in the Wanted series. With Kelly Elliott’s books you can live in the fairy tale and be swept away dreaming of happy endings and undying unconditional love.
Kelly’s books are full on romance they start where the last book left off, they will have you laughing out loud as well as sobbing your heart out.

Scott and Jessie have some big bumps in the road on there way to happiness but im so glad they get there in the end, there story was heart breaking at times but we get to the sugar and all is right with the world. It was such an emotional story.

I must say im intrigued by Lark im full of questions about him, what does he do for a living ect and i cannot wait for Kelly to share his story too which is called Unconditional Love.

Kelly has done such a wonderful job with this series and Cherished ties everything up, we get to visit with all of the Wanted couples in this book, we share some really loving moments with them, some down right steamy moments too, but above all they all have a happy ever after.

THE END…. ALMOST nearly killed me, i want Alex and Will’s story Without you, like yesterday please that little teaser was just not enough to hold me over until the book comes out! I just know im so going to love Gunner more watching him cope with his Baby girl dating, lol.
Gunner is my favorite ever book boyfriend in the wanted series closely followed by Jeff, but they are all just so dreamy.

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