Entangled- Lex Valentine

Daren has been in love with his best friend Taylor for five years. One rainy night, Taylor turns up soaking wet on Daren’s doorstep with a confession hovering on his lips. The confession changes both their lives.

OMG this is such a great short story, the love of a best friend turned relationship and Daren and Taylor make such a cute couple.
The romance between the two men is romantic and real there sexual encounters could have been a bit more descriptive and in depth, but they were still fun to read.

I wanted this book to be so much longer, i wanted to know more about these guys as i really liked them. I would have loved to have a little more interaction between them a bit more of the friendship back ground before the big secret came out on that rainy night.

The ending so very beautiful and sweet it just makes you say awwwhh when reading it. I dont usually read many short stories but i really liked this one, and its free so why not give the M/M romance a try.

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