The Ex Games # 2- J S Cooper & Helen Cooper

Seven years ago, Brandon Hastings and Katie Raymond had a relationship that other couples envied. They loved each other more than anything, but one lie ruined their relationship forever.

Now, Brandon is the CEO of the company that Katie works for and she is finding it hard to be around him without wanting to touch him and be touched by him. Katie gives in to one moment of weakness with Brandon, and he reveals a secret that breaks her heart once again.

Katie is determined that she will not let Brandon break her again and they go back in forth in a mouse and cat game that has them both wondering what’s really going on. Just when Katie thinks she can take no more, one more secret is revealed that will make her question everything she ever thought she knew about Brandon Hastings.

And so the games continue and the plot thickens, these short stories keep you on your toes.

Again, the story alternates back and forth between the past and the present to give us more of the couple’s relationship history, and starts right where book 1 left off.

Katie had her own agenda but that didnt work out so well, Brandon had to scheme there are more twist and turns than a country road and im loving it!

Brandon is on my douche bag list one minute then i like him then back to being a douche geez i have no nails left, he plays games with Katie and i cannot work out if hes just damn cruel or if there will be a point to it all. Brandon made me angrier with him as the story progressed.

I want to slap Katie for still being so naive as far as Brandon is concerned shes not 18 anymore. Have some self respect! i want to shout at her to stay away, but she is so in love with him she cant say no and when the sex nearly melts the bloody kindle who can blame her.

Matt now what his part in all this??? questions questions.

I have been consumed by this story and i am glad a waited to have all three books to read one after the other because i dont think i would have survived the wait!

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